How much is the HoHoManager?

The HohoManager is free for the first 7 days.

In the first 7 days, almost all functions (with a few exceptions) are free.
The following functions are not available or restricted in the free version:

  • Edit room logos
  • Various statistics
  • Export of calendar details
  • Export / import of guest data
  • No ICS calendar access
  • Number of hosts / owners limited to one host

(converted ad overlays appear after 7 days at the latest)

To take full advantage of all features, you can subscribe to the following monthly or yearly subscriptions:

Monthly term:
1 room: 1,49 € per month
1-5 rooms: 5,99 € per month
1-10 rooms: 18,49 € per month
1-50 rooms: 29,49 € per month

Annual term:
1 room: 15,99 € per year
1-5 rooms: 54.99 € per year
1-10 rooms: € 115.99 per year
1-50 rooms: € 244.99 per year

You can complete the appropriate subscriptions in the account settings within the app.

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Google Play Store:

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