Connect external systems to the HoHomanager

The HoHoManager offers you the possibility to connect booking calendars of external systems (eg AirBnB or similar) with an active subscription.

The HoHoManager App Calendar acts as a central calendar.

Using the example of AirBnB©, I present how the connection is made (as of October 2019):

  • Navigate in the HoHoManager to “Settings & Statistics / Gray Gear” ==> “Objects & Rooms” ==> Select the room to connect to an external system ==> scroll all the way down ==> Click “Copy the calendar .ics Link “and copy the calendar link to the clipboard.
  • Log in to your host area of ​​AirBnB © and navigate to the “calendar area” of your accommodation.
  • Click on the “Availability Settings”.
  • Click on “Import calendar”.
  • Enter the unique address of your HoHoManager calendar and give it a descriptive name.

Please note that the synchronization of the calendar at AirBnB© takes place with a short time delay as AirBnB synchronizes the calendar at certain intervals. We are not responsible for this delay.