HoHo Manager – from idea to implementation

When I let my private holiday apartments I came across quite practical administrative problems.

The care of guest calendars, guest data, booking of additional lines and not least the billing itself is usually done manually or by using spreadsheet and word processing programs.
This is a more feasible but often laborious and sometimes error-prone process. The partial automation – for example, by the integration of VBA macros – helps only conditionally. Besides, only a few hosts and landlords can independently write their reliable macros.

Of course, there are tools on the market that support landlords – But these are often too expensive and too powerful for “small” landlords who rent only a few rooms.

The HoHoManager app I’ve developed is a cost-effective app to help owners and hosts of vacation homes, cabins, and rooms to do the administrative work. With the HoHoManager app guests and calendars can be managed and invoices can be created and sent. The processing of itinerary changes (cancellations, changes in travel dates) and additional services (e.g. parking, cleaning service, laundry service, etc.) is also supported.

Try the HoHoManager – the first 7 days are free – only a few functions are limited.

If you have suggestions for improvement, you notice mistakes or similar, please give feedback to support@HoHoManager.com.

Have fun & greetings